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The Khalsa Council is an international body of Ministers of Sikh Dharma 

committed to serving and upholding the spirit of Khalsa in service to humanity. 

"The Khalsa Council embodies the sovereign, spiritual, status of the Sikhs. In action it is the parliament of the Sarkar e Khalsa. It is the leadership. It is a body that lives in the divinity, nobility, and grace of God. What comes through the Khalsa Council is simply projective kindness, compassion, divinity, nobility, and grace. It is the very embodiment of the grace, radiance, lifestyle and projection of Guru Gobind Singh." 

                      Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan 

International Khalsa Council Meeting

Dear Beloved Members of the International Khalsa Council,

Sat Nam and blessings to all.  We, at Sikh Dharma International, send our love and prayers to all members of our Sangat throughout the world, and hope that you are safe, healthy and in the protective Grace of Guru Ram Das. As leaders of our Dharma, we are facing a very challenging time....read more

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